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Fail to create sub menu entries under Mainwindow

  • Hello,

    The tutorial of the link describes how to create menus in the main window form. Following the tutorial, I created a File menu and a Open menu entry under File menu. But I can not get the popup window allowing me to create a further sub menu entry when I click a small "+" icon beside Open menu. Also I can not change the menu's location, for example, I can not drag File menu and drop to another location by using mouse. I am using qcreator 2.2.0, Qt 4.7.4 and running under OpenSuSE 11.3.

    But it works when I install the Qt under Windows 7.

    So I suspect it is a bug.

    Does anybody create more sub menu entries using Qt4.7 under OpenSuSE 11.3?



  • Maybe you should file a bug report. It works for me in Linux using Ubuntu 10.04. Qt Creator 2.2.0, Qt 4.7.4.

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