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QtCreator License

  • Hi everyone,

    I have a short question about the license of QtCreator. I understand the dual-license of Qt, but I could not find any specific license document for QtCreator.

    I am interested in using QtCreator for non-Qt projects. I would like to know whether I am allowed to develop for non open source and/or commercial projects with the open-source version of QtCreator.

    Thank you in advance for your efforts.

  • Hi @Wolffish
    Are you going to develop Qt Creator further or just write code with Qt Creator for something else and not link to Qt Creator?

    If the later, you can do whatever you want, because then Qt Creator is just a tool you are using to write. There are quite many developers out there who prefer to use Qt Creator as their tools for even other languages than C, C++ or QML.

    The license questions arise if you want to link to Qt libraries or Creator itself (or some other open source libraries). Using a tool for something does not impact the code you write.

  • Thank you, @tekojo, for your answer.

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