No translations when compiling Qt IFW by hand (Windows)

  • Hello,

    I've compiled Qt 5.5.1 and Qt IFW 2.0.1 by hand and the translations are not working on the generated Windows installer.

    I've compiled Qt 5.5.1 using:

    configure -prefix C:\Static\x86\libqt -release -static -target xp -accessibility -no-opengl -no-icu -no-sql-sqlite -no-qml-debug -nomake examples -nomake tests -skip qtactiveqt -skip qtenginio -skip qtlocation -skip qtmultimedia -skip qtserialport -skip qtquick1 -skip qtquickcontrols -skip qtscript -skip qtsensors -skip qtwebkit -skip qtwebsockets -skip qtxmlpatterns -I C:\Static\x86\libopenssl\include -L C:\Static\x86\libopenssl\lib

    And compiled Qt IFW 2.0.1 using:

    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Static\x86\libqt\bin

    All was done using VS 2015 (Community).

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