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Can't import QtWebKit build debuggers helpers

  • Hi guys,

    I cannot import any qml plugin (including the webkit) because it is saying that I don't have my debuggers helpers compiled:
    "could not locate the helper application for dumping type information from c++ plugins. Please build the debugging helpers"

    I didn't changed anything on my qt installation and suddenly it shows this! If I go to preferences -> qt4 -> helpers I can see the path to the helpers and if I press build the log shows no error and the button stays on so i can click it again!

    any help?

  • help pls!

  • That warning sounds like the only problem is with the creator integration. Try running your QML file with qmlviewer outside of creator and see if you are still having problems with imports.

  • it was! I've reinstalled the qt creator app and it was solved :)

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