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Experience developer is looking for remote job

  • Hello all,

    C++ and Qt developer with 5 years experience is looking for remote development projects.

    I prefer to interview over Skype first rather than coding tasks spans more than one day. Over the last six months I've had two interviews with a sample development tasks which can give some view of my skills:

    1. Application for drone company:
      a) Geokoko - Time of task (working hours): 32 h
    2. Applications for another small company:
      a) Optimizing Mandelbrot project from Qt examples - 8 hours (including the explanation of how signal and slots work)
      b) Flower - 16 h

    More details can be found in the *.txt attached files.

    Complete build instructions are in the file: __Instructions.txt.

    Subversion URL to download above code samples (and some others): https://svn.riouxsvn.com/tdc_qt_programm
    For more details please email:: tdcapplication@gmail.com
    My hourly rate is: 14 euro after tax (negotiable)

    Best regards,
    Tdc :)

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