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Beaglebone Black screen calibration

  • I'm currently running a Qt5.51 application (Qt Creator 3.5.1) on a Beaglebone Black board (Debian Kernal 4.4.1-bone5) and am having issues using the touch-screen. We are using 4-point calibration and there is some amount of drift with respect to the mouse and contact position. We can tell because we've left the cursor on. This is causing some headaches activating screen widgets and I'd be interested to know if there are any documents that describe the proper way to calibrate the Beaglebone Black screen for greater sensitivity and proper scaling.

    Also, are there certain events {pressed(), released(), clicked(), clicked(bool), ...} that work better for screen element activation? We're getting intermittent results with some of our buttons (designated as momentary, but behaving as a toggle). All elements work fine using a USB mouse, but with finger/wand touches, the behavior is erratic.

    Any advice is welcome,


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