Error from Qt Assistant Trying to Load Help Text

  • We have an application built with Qt in which the user can request to see help text. We're running into a problem such that when the help text is requested, the Assistant displays error messages that say this:

    "The page could not be found!"
    "Error loading <url>"
    "Please make sure that you have all documentation sets installed."

    The <url> is the location of a .html file that is in a .qch file that's included with the application.

    The problem appears to be related to uninstalling the application. When I installed both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of our application the first time, the help text worked fine. But then I uninstalled one of the flavors (I can't remember which one), and the help text exhibited this problem after that. Reinstalling the application doesn't fix the problem.

    This is on Windows using Qt v5.4.1. Does the Assistant use some registry entries that are perhaps being mangled by the uninstall process?

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