Using designer without png/svg files ?

  • Hello,
    I'm delivering a software with custom icons (png or svg files). The icons are compiled in binary files or in rcc files. The binary, rcc and qrc files are delivered with the software, but not the svg or png files.

    When my users want to develop their own widgets on top of my software with qt designer, they can edit the .ui file and put icon names in it. As the icons are available in the binaries, the icons are available at execution time.

    However, when they want to see the icons available in the sofware, they cannot use the resource editor of designer (the one which allows to select interactively an icon for a button for example) because the qrc files need the png/svg files to be present to display them in this designer interface.

    It is mandatory to have the png/svg files in the sofware to be able to select the icons in designer, or is there a way to rely on the binary/rcc files without having the png/svg files ?
    Thanks in advance.
    E. Labrunye

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    There is no way u can show the the images
    in designer without having the images.

    Is there a reason why you cannot just give them the qrc file?

  • In fact I can show the images in designer, because I can see them in the widget preview of designer. I just cannot see them in the icons selector of designer (the one you give a qrc file).

    The reason why I would like not to distribute the png/svg files is that they are already available in the binary files and if it is possible, I prefer to avoid duplicating them. But If I have no choice, then there is no serious reason not to deliver them.

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    As far as I know , its not possible to use from exe file.
    Would be smart but I never seen any way to do it.

  • OK. Thanks for your feeback

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