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Which QWiget is best for asking the user to assign items to some concept?

  • In my application I'm using a hardware configuration dialog where all the ports are scanned for available components and then I wish to ask the user to assign three tasks (might be more in the future) to different devices of them. Right now I'm just using a ComboBox for each task where I enumerate all the devices in each one. I want to disallow duplicates however, so if the user chooses DevA for TaskA I'd like the widget to automatically remove all entries from the other ComboBoxes. Right now I have to do this manually or check for erroneous conditions in the end. Is there a better solution?

  • You can connect to the EditFinished signal of each combo box and update the other combo boxes appropriate (either remove the selection from the other combos or disable the select of it).

    The GUI would flow best if the user has select the tasks in order. This way you could delay populating B and C until A is selected. Either way, you could use signal to update them appropriately. They will need to start with no selection or 3 unique selections though.

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