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Commercial license best practices question where you work

  • Our production lifecycle and compliance obligations require me to provision an automated build system running on an access controlled machine; therefore, I need a commercial developer license for my self (at the very least) and presumably a separate commercial license for the build machine - is that the case where you work?

    If you perform nightly builds with Qt on a Bamboo or Jenkins system (or similar) - do you need a separate license for that machine that's simply building your code?

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    That's a question best asked to the The Qt Company directly.

  • I'm not sure anyone in Qt's sales department will be able to tell me how they have integrated Qt into their automated build process... ;)

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    Your question sounded more like do "I need a license for the continuous integration server" rather than "how to put it in" :)

    For the first one, the sales department is best placed. For the second, it's probably just a question of installing Qt properly on the build machine.

  • I'm looking for anyone's insights who actually uses Qt in an automated build system. I have no doubt I can configure a build machine to produce Qt applications - what I'm interested in are the insights of people who have to deal with the realities of production software at an ISV.

    Using Bamboo as an example - you may have 10 agents configured to build for Windows and 5 for OSX - and it turns out that to build for Windows and OSX on two different agents at the same time you need two Qt licenses even though you're just cross compiling for multiple platforms. Using one license forcing you to be in serial rather than parallel - et cetera.

    I'm not saying that's the case, I'm saying that's the type of real world insights I'm looking for.

    Sorry if that was unclear.

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    If you have a multi-plaform development license, then you should a least be able to build for each platform when you are developing. e.g. as a single developer having a Desktop license (OS X, Linux, Windows) then you can build your application on each OS with the same license.

    However (and that's why I'd recommend to contact the Qt Company) I don't know if there's a limitation or rule regarding licenses and CI.

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