Cross compilation from a Windows PC to a Raspberry PI

  • Hey there.
    First of all, i hope that you will understand me, i'm a young french student.
    I'm new on the forum, and i'm here to ask you something because i'm facing some problem.
    I'm working on a project, and i would like to use QT creator on a windows PC, in order to program a C++ program which will be launch on a Raspberry PI.

    I heard of course about "cross compilation", and that's why i'm here.
    I tried to creat a new kit, in order to change the compilation rules.
    I took some screen shot, it could be maybe better for you to understand. Because i can't figure it out what's wrong on this !
    I choose "None" for the version of Qt, because if i choose mine, i have a red button (that mean a problem) instead of this yellow logo.

    A second one to show you about the compilator :

    Do i made something wrong ? Or maybe i forgot something before ?
    I'm asking the question here because by searching i didn't manage to find a solution to this problem.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    First thing: do you already have a cross-compiled Qt for your RPi ?

    If not, I'd really recommend using a Linux virtual machine to do that. It will be way easier.

  • Hi, thank's for your answer.
    In fact, i never did that before no, that's why i'm so last i think aha.
    So why ? It could be easier on linux you think ?

    My working at school, and the PC got a dual boot, do you advise me to use QT on ubuntu and write my program on ubuntu so ?

    Thank's a lot.

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    It's not that it could, it is easier to do on a Linux machine.

    The RPi also run on a Linux distribution so you'll have the same set of tools to use. Also the cross-compiler is easier to find and install on Linux.

  • Mmmh ok thank's for you answer, but as on windows i can't create the kit as i want to. With GCC, processor ARM etc..
    I need to don't choose the QT version, to do not have the red button.. as on the first screen..
    And when i don't choose a QT version i can't select the kit when i don't choose a version for it.
    Any idea where do this problem come from ?

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    You need Qt compiled for Raspberry Pi if you want to build Qt applications for it.
    In the screen shot you provided in your first post you seem to set MinGW x86 compiler as your Raspberry Pi compiler - this for sure will not work. You need a compiler for ARMv7

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