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White Screen - Qt on Notebook

  • I have a Qt (4.8.6) App that has 2 screens. When I open it the screens appear almost fully white with exception the title bar. This problem happens on Win7+. (I didn't have tested it on Windows under 7)

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    Is this a QML application ?

    Are we talking when you run it directly from Creator or
    are we talking deployment on other machine?

  • Forgive me, I didn't have all the details.

    I was developing on QT Creator on Desktop and the app is a Qt Widget Application (C++, no QML).
    The blank screen error happens when running the application on (notebooks), without Qt Creator, Debug or Release, just the generated executable.
    On initialization the main window is raised and after that another window is created and is displayed to the user interacts with it. This another windows is displayed blank, but it is turn to the normal color a little long after. Whilst the first window is showed blank to the user. When user press Alt Tab to interact with the first window it keep up blank. Minimizing, Maximizing or doing another action is enough to the window to turn into its normal color.

    I hope to have explain it a little better. If you need more detail please ask me.


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    Have you tested with small default app to see if the same thing happens?

    Are you sure that your deployment folder contains the correct DLLS?

  • I have forced a repainting in a certain moment of resize event. That solved my problem.

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