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Slider Question.

  • Ok so you have a slidebar,,
    As i seen at "desktop drapes" when you go to i'ts preferences there is a slider but also there is a text under the "thing that you grab" at the slider which says different time selection..
    "Here": is a screenshot. So is 45 minutes a label which changes it's text dependant from the value of the slider or is it a slider function?

  • It's a label, and the slider is connected to the label via

    void setLabel(int i) {

    edit: yup, thank you Gerolf.

  • Hi,

    the connect should go to this, not to a label, as void setLabel(int i) is not a functzion of the label, right?

  • Ok thank you! I just wanted to know if it is label the right way! ;)

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