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Designer module not found

  • I try to run an free download app ... in .pro file there is :

    QT += widgets

    and in a xxplugin.ccp file dere is

    #include <QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface>

    In my fresh installation on ubuntu 14.04 qt5.5.x creator 3.6 not find designer module ...


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    How did you install Qt ?

  • @SGaist with online installer .... firs I have install all library and control missing dependancy.... desktop version with mark all in QT5.5 option, tool option, and other option pre-marked....

    N.B. I try to install other example from qt creator 3.6 .... all example with widget module in .pro file it do the same error ....

    Thanks for your interest

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    Strange, can you check whether that file can be found in your Qt installation ?

  • Searching in my installatio i find these file ...... QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface(plain text) inside there is these note:

    #ifndef DEPRECATED_HEADER_QtDesigner_QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface
    #define DEPRECATED_HEADER_QtDesigner_QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface
    #if defined(__GNUC__)
    #  warning Header <QtDesigner/QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface> is deprecated. Please include <QtUiPlugin/QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface> instead.
    #elif defined(_MSC_VER)
    #  pragma message ("Header <QtDesigner/QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface> is deprecated. Please include <QtUiPlugin/QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface> instead.")
    #include <QtUiPlugin/QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface>
    #if 0
    #pragma qt_no_master_include

    is in /myhome/qt/5.5/gcc_64

    Sorry for big caracters .. is imported from .txt file


    [edit: fixed coding tags SGaist]

  • I try to add to mu .pro file several lines:

    INCLUDEPATH += /home/Qt/5.5/gcc_64/include
    INCLUDEPATH += /home/Qt/5.5/gcc_64/plugin/designer
    INCLUDEPATH += /homeQt/5.5/gcc_64/bin

    without success..


  • @gfxx If try to use maintenance tool .... not see Qt Designer from selectable option.....

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    Did you follow what was suggested and use #include <QtUiPlugin/QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface> ?

  • Tanks a lot.


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