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How to design with QML for mobile?

  • Hi; I want to design with QML for Android and iOS but I can not sizing and layouting for Qt Controls (Button, TextBox etc.). How can I set for mobile design? Thanks.

  • Hi, a good start are the Gallery example and the QML Advanced Tutorials

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    I'm also just starting with Qt for Android and iOS and it's not so easy always to find the best documentation usable with the newest releases. I'll start blogging on this soon.

    From my POV only starting with Qt 5.6 and qt.labs.controls will enable you to develop state-of-the-art apps.
    labs.controls give you styling in Default, Universal and Material: not obnly controls - also navigation can be done better.
    I'm really impressed by the new way to design mobile apps.
    These new controls combined with HighDpiScaling makes it easy to develop x-platform.
    Did first tests with BlackBerry PRIV (Android 5.1.1, 544 ppi) and today got my iPhone 6S and all controls work the same on both devices with same physical sizes.

    There will be also another Gallery Example for qt.labs.controls - b ut you have to wait for the 5.6 RC coming next week
    Here you can have a look at the new controls and HowTo design using QML:

  • @ekkescorner and @clochydd Thanks.
    Gallery and QML Advanced Tutorials links are cool. I think I will wait for Qt 5.6 released.

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