How many SLOC is Qt for a typical embedded environment?

  • Is there any source code that is not available? Is it all C++?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What do you mean by not available source code ?

    No it's not, there's also Objective-C/C++ (OS X, iOS), Java (Android), bash, python and perl for some helper stuff.

    What's a typical embedded system for you ?

  • Thanks.

    When I say source that's not available, I'm referring to libraries that are linked in and the source that created them is not available. Sometimes this is because it is proprietary to some vendor.

    A typical embedded system in this case is VxWorks with relatively basic GUIs with push buttons and indicators.

    It looks like the total SLOCs is 3,267,149. Is there ways to scale that down if less functionality is needed? I'm really only looking for C++ libraries.

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    Then no, all libraries used by Qt are also available as sources.

    If I understand you correctly you are trying to minimize the size of your application footprint, right ? If so then the first thing to do is deploy only the module you are currently using. After that you can also recompile Qt with only the features you need. And last but not least, if you can comply with the licensing implication, there's the static build that's also an option.

  • Thanks. Good to hear it is all available. Its a little different from minimizing my footprint, per se. We will need to submit all source code to an independent certification agent, so I'm trying to get a handle on how many lines of code they will have to review.

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    Qt being used as GUI toolkit for Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS might be of help for your certification process. See this

  • Thanks. We are kind of tied in to VxWorks at this point. Just looking for reasonable Qt SLOC counts for our environment.

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