How to retrieve Bluetooth RSSI (signal strength) after connecting

  • Hello all, I'm using the QT 5.5 Bluetooth Low Energy API to write an app for iOS (and later Android).

    I couldn't find any way to read the rssi/signal level once the device is already connected.

    During scan, the onDeviceDiscovered() signal passes a QBluetoothDeviceInfo object which has a rssi() function to return the signal level when the device was last scanned. This works fine initially, but always returns 0 outside of the slot.

    So my question: What would be the correct way to update the signal strength after connecting to a device? Is it currently implemented?

  • @pvaibhav Could you get it to work?
    I want also to read RSSI while connected.

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  • @ekkescorner
    qint16 QBluetoothDeviceInfo::rssi() const

    Returns the signal strength when the device was last scanned

    Yes i use this function already, but i want to get RSSI values while connected and not from scanning.
    This function gives me the RSSI value once the device is scanned. When i stablish connection with the device and move around this value doesnt change.
    So is there any way of getting RSSI value in connection?

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    @michaelL AFAIK only Beacons provide this feature. But at the moment I have no idea HowTo listen at Beacons - have only connected to non-Beacon_BT LE devices

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