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Streaming video with QML MediaPlayer using QtMultimedia 5.5

  • I am attempting to write a cross-platform app that involves displaying streaming video. I'm currently using QML VideoOutput and QML MediaPlayer.

    I am testing the app on Linux, OSX, Android and iOS. The video play correctly for both local files and streaming files (rtsp) on all the non-Apple OSes.

    On OSX and iOS, I can play the file locally (so I don't believe it's a codec issue), but when I try to stream it over rtsp, both OSX and IOS report "Failed to load media" from MediaPlayer. The same rtsp stream works fine in VLC on either platform.

    Since they both use qavfmediaplayer as their backend, I suspect this is the problem? Can anyone confirm that rtsp (or perhaps udp) will work on Apple OSes using MediaPlayer and VideoOutput?


  • I am having the same issue.

    I am using QT5.6. The same code with rtsp source worked on Android, but failed on OSX (El Capitan). On OSX, VLC client can see the rtsp stream.

    Can anybody give some ideas?


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    You can use the VLC-Qt project so you integrate VLC's powerful multimedia support in your Qt application.

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