How to add Postion to Map

  • Hi together,

    can someone tell me how i can add dynamically postitions to the map?

    I know how to add a fixed position.

    MapQuickItem {
    coordinate: QtPositioning.coordinate(50, 50)

            anchorPoint.x: image.width * 0.5
            anchorPoint.y: image.height
            sourceItem: Column {
                Image {
                    id: image
                    source: "point.png"
                    width: 50 / 2
                    height: 86 / 2
                Text {
                    text: "Test Position"
                    font.bold: true

    But i need to add the positions dynamically frome the database where i get a Json model with the coordinates.
    I allready tried it with a ListElement but it dident worked.

    Somebody can help me maybe?

  • Here is a complete workshop explaining how to handle the Map item with QtQuick - in addition the demo project in github shows several ways of adding POI (static, listmodel, xmlmodels) :

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