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How to configure Qt Creator to find the Examples on the Welcome panel.

  • I have downloaded and built Qt Creator 3.6 and when I start Creator I want to show the examples from my Qt 5.5.1 that I built for vs2012 x64 on Windows 10.

    When selecting the Welcome panel in Qt Creator and selecting the Examples button none of the Examples are listed for selecting.

    How do you configure Qt Creator to locate specific examples?

  • hi @gclayton ,

    crosss check , whether you have selected kit or not.

  • Thanks for the quick reply.

    Yes, I have selected the correct kit and can build and run the examples if I locate the project manually.

    On further investigation, If I specify a kit that was pre-built, and specify that kit in Qt Creator 3.6, then the list of examples will show up for that kit when the "Example" button is selected but for the version of Qt 5.5.1 that I built then when that kit is selected the list of examples is empty.

    I'm new to Qt build and installing the various components. Is there a special step in the Qt build/install in order to get the examples setup to be recognized by Qt Creator properly?

  • @gclayton

    As a beginner I don't have an answer to your posted question but I'm also puzzled about the usage of Examples.

    I find it difficult to correlate my /opt/qt55/examples/ directory structure with the full list of examples (thumbnails) in Qt 5.5 Creator Examples panel.

    What search patterns should be used?

    e.g. if I search "svg" I see three hits ..

    but in /examples/svg there are 8 sub folders under /svg/


    I can only find the path to each project example by clicking on an example which brings up a window .. "Copy Project to writable Location" .. with the project path listed .. e.g.

    for the first example found in search ..

    for the second example found in search ..

    for the third example found in search ..

  • @eureka
    I'm sorry but you should probably start a separate thread on your specific problem as it does not pertain to my problem with getting the examples to be listed in Qt Creator.

  • I think I see why the examples are not being listed in Qt Creator for my build of Qt 5.5.1 kit.

    The doc files for Qt and the examples did not get built and setup properly.

    I have been trying to sort the problem out by following the instructions for building the docs from the provided Readme files but can't get the doc files to be completely built and installed correctly.

  • @gclayton
    These links might be helpful link1 ,link2 ,link3 .

  • @Ratzz

    Thanks a lot for those links. I wish I had found them a little earlier.

    I was finally able to get the list of examples to show in Qt Creator when using a kit that I had built. As suspected, I think it was because the doc files had not been installed properly.

    I tried following the directions from the Readme file in the qtdoc folder and from the Qt Documentation Wiki but following those 'make' instructions never would create the .qch files where they should be for some reason. I was using a prefix to specify the qt install location but when the 'nmake docs' command was run it placed the doc files in the qtbase/doc folder under the qt install folder instead of my qt_build folder. I ended up copying the qdoc folder to the folder where I installed the qtbase build and run the 'nmake install_global_docs' command again and then run assistant.exe. I added my kit to Qt Creator but the examples did not list when selecting the new kit in the examples panel of Qt Creator. I then restarted Qt Creator and the examples then were listed for the new kit in Qt Creator.

    I guess I just lucked out with this trial and error method. I definitely need more experience building qt from source and getting the doc files setup correctly.

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