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Windows 10 universal app

  • Hello
    I don't know how to build a windows 10 universal app with qt (i tried qt 5.6beta).
    Is there somewhere a document telling how to do it? (with qtcreator or visual) ?

  • Hi Martial,
    a good Point to start is the Video from the Qt dev days 2015:
    You need Visual Studio 2015 and the current Qt 5.6. For starting the emulator you need Win10 Pro because of the Hyper-V (not sure if its called so).

    1. Create a Project in Qt-Creator
    2. Execute: qmake -tp vc CONFIG+=windeployqt (for the emulator you need the qmake from the winrt_x86_mscv2015, for runnig on device e.g. Lumia950 you need qmake from winrt_armv7_mscv2015) in the Directory of the Project
    3. Open project in vs2015 and adjust the SDK-Version with right click on project properties
    4. Make sure you have all installed on visual Studio what is mentioned in the Video (emulator, win10 sdk,..) and dissabled the xaml analysier.
    5. If you want to run on a device make sure you have enabled the developer settings.
    6. Press run "device" for running on a device or choose an emulator.

    Hope that helps,

  • thanks a lot !

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