How to let .ini file's Non-Engilish text show normal?

  • HI!
    I want the .ini use non-english text:

    m_ConfigIni = new QSettings(QString::fromLocal8Bit("./Resources/自定义配置.ini"),QSettings::IniFormat);

    but it can't show normal like:


    The filename and value is normal, but the key show messy. I use setinicodec with utf-8, but not work. How to fix it ?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Why QString::fromLocal8Bit? It expects 8bit string as input but you're using unicode! Why not just use QString?

  • @jsulm
    Because use fromLocal8Bit () function has realized the transform from the local character set GB to the Unicode , mainly used in processing Chinese display messy.
    If change to use Qstring directly, it even become worse than before, because the filename, key and value all show messy.

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    Did you try something else? QString::fromLocal8Bit("/首界面/测试"): 首界面/测试 is not a 8bit string and it's not GB.
    Try fromUtf8().

  • @jsulm

    Is it you mean that ? :

    	QSettings *m_ConfigIni = new QSettings(QString::fromUtf8("./Resources/自定义配置.ini"),QSettings::IniFormat);

    But not help. Filename, key and value all show messy. Did I do something wrong?

    Thanks for your enthusiastic help.

  • Moderators

    Are you sure it is stored wrongly? Maybe it is your editor showing it this way? What happens if you try to read the key-value?

  • @jsulm

    I just want the users double click the .ini file with Win7's notepad to edit it, but in the notepad it show messy now:


    read it also abnormal. I try:

    qDebug() << m_ConfigIni->value(QString::fromUtf8("/首界面/测试")).toString();

    qDebug print:


    before I use fromLocal8Bit even can read the result normal. Is there any other way?

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