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Some threads i post are questions some not: random luck?

  • Why are some threads i post "Questions" [solved/unsolved] and some are not? The green is always labeld as "Ask as Question". So?

  • @qDebug we had a small mishap with the plugin that provides the 'Ask a question' feature and after the update it gave the 'Submit' button as the default. Now everything is back to normal and 'Ask a question' is the default.

    You can switch between them by pressing the small down arrow on the darker green right end of the button.

  • Well, i did always select the right one. That is not the problem. For example:

    I did post this twice, deleted the first. Always selected "Ask as question", just to be 100% sure, i did it twice. No luck. Maybe it is a JavaScript problem, displaying the right words and sends the wrong signals. I'm on Win 8.1 Pro, Firefox 43.0.4.


  • @qDebug
    That sounds strange. I don't have FF 43 anymore, so can't test. But it should really not depend on the browser, plus FF 43 is a recent version.
    (I just changed your question to a question)

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