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Large Number of QMdiArea subwindows and widgets

  • Qt 4.8.7 / OSX Yosemite

    My application uses QMdiArea to manage visualization results from individual data analyses. Each analysis adds a subwindow. Each subwindow contains a large number of other widgets, including tabs, graphs, tables. and so on. I'm guessing that there may be 400 widgets contained in each one.

    I find that after adding about 80 of these subwindows, the interface response slows down significantly. Memory usage for the app by then has grown to about 1GB, but I don't see anything in the system vm stats that indicate it is a memory problem.

    Does anyone have guidance on when/whether the total number of widgets in an app will have an impact on the interface responsiveness? What has your experience been?

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    It will partly depend on what your widgets are doing (e.g. processing data) but from your numbers we are talking about 32'000 widgets. That's quiet a lot.

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