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Designer Doesn't start under XP

  • I've downloaded the package Qt 4.7.2 for vs 2008, I have to use 4.7.2, but the designer won't start at all, it doesn't give me an error... strangly I can get it running on the same machine using my windows XP pro sp2, slipstreamed with sp3, drivers, and some updates.

    I can get it to work but I'm curious as to why its not working on a normal install of xp? Since I just reinstalled a bunch of things... i forgot about that and now have a xp install with everything updated, visual studio and platform builder installed, and if i can't fix this i have to pull out my custom cd and start over again, though it shouldn't take quite as long

  • Can you try deleting the following Qt Designer key

    @HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Trolltech\Qt Designer@

    in the registry to see if that solves the problem?

  • i fixed it by downloading the SDK instead of the 4.7.2 visual studio 2008 install, win

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