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New forum looks

  • Hello,
    when you set theme which has top bar in non white color there is this ugly white square around Qt logo, is this due to trademarked, reserved (and so on) look of it or can it be changed? :D ->

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    I may be wrong but it might simply be a non-transparent background on the image used :)

  • That was my thought exactly! However it seems that designers forgot about it... Or did they really? Mayby that what it is supposed to look like. Anyway if changing this one thing from forum user side was available i'd go for transparent background :)

  • @michelson
    two things we forgot :)

    1. The design was made with only white background in mind, so the image does have a white background :)
    2. We really forgot to change the setting of "force same skin on all users" when we upgraded.

    But I assume you like different look? We really don't test with anything else than our own default, so anything weird in other skins will go unnoticed for now.
    However if there are things that we should take from other skins, do tell.

  • First thing I did after update was checking out all the new skins! :) and I didnt notice any bugs/problems at the first sight however I have just one more thing I'd like to ask about:
    Shouldn't the writing area be in the theme colors as well?
    alt text
    Proposed fix (mad MS Paint skills)
    alt text

  • The writing area is white everywhere. Don't know why, but honestly we aren't going to spend time looking into it.

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