Cannot add kits to develop any kind of program

  • I installed qt creator and when i started to develop a project,there is an error which states that "kits not available " and when i searched on google i found that we need to add qt versions in-order to add kits . So can somebody help me with this problem.

    1. how to add qt versions into qt creator?
      2> how to add kits into qt creator?

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    this can be done almost the same way like adding kits.
    It's contained in the QtCreator options dialog under "Build & run" in a sibling tab called "Qt version".
    Once added press "apply" before continuing to add a "Kit"

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    @Saneesh-Jose said:

    I installed qt creator

    1. Did you install the Qt libraries? (Note: It is best to download Qt, instead of Qt Creator)
    2. Do you have a compiler that is compatible with your Qt?

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