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Warnings when creating embedded Menus with Instantiator

  • I'd like to create a Menu in QML application that has other Menus depending on some Model. When I use Instantiator for that, items which are being created are parented to the Instantiator itself and when adding them to top-level Menu, it complains about __parentMenu being null

    Menu {
        title: qsTr("Top-Level Menu")
        id: topMenu
        Instantiator {
            model: aTopLevelModel
            onObjectAdded: topMenu.insertItem( index, object )
            onObjectRemoved: topMenu.removeItem( object )
            delegate: Menu {
                id: innerMenu
                title: qsTr("Inner Menu")
                Instantiator {
                    model: aTopLevelModel.getInnerModel(index)
                    onObjectAdded: innerMenu.insertItem( index, object )
                    onObjectRemoved: innerMenu.removeItem( object )
                    delegate: MenuItem {
                        text: qsTr("Menu action!")
                        onTriggered: {
                            console.log("Action of inner menu")

    The warning I'm observing is: Menu.qml:149: TypeError: Cannot read property '__contentItem' of null

    Where the line 149 is property var __parentContentItem: __parentMenu.__contentItem.

    How can I overcome this Warning being produced?

    Qt version is 5.5.1. This behavior is observed undre OS X and Windows versions of Qt.

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