QRubberBand do not adjust the position when view resize

  • When I resize the QGraphicsView, the position of the QRubberBand do not adjust as expected.

    This is the origin position of the rubberband

    origin position

    After I resize the QGraphicsView

    new position

    The position of the rubber do not stay at the same position again, I try to solve this problem by override the resizeEvent of QGraphicsView, but it do not work

    void img_region_selector::resizeEvent(QResizeEvent *e)
        auto const old_size = e->oldSize();
        auto const cur_size = e->size();    
        auto const diff = cur_size - old_size; 
        QPoint const offset(diff.width(), diff.height());   
         rb->move(rb->pos() + offset);     

    The img_region_selector is the child of QGraphicsView.

    The source codes are located at github.


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