drag and drop , dropping item in middle of a treeview

  • Hi All,
    I have two tree views, one holds a list of items, the other one I drop copies of these items into. So I pick up the item on table view one and drop it onto table view 2. Tree 1 doesn't lose the item. This works fine in my code so long as I drop the item at the bottom of tree. If I try to drop the item at the top or in between items on the list it doesn't work. In creator I have the ui properties for the second table view set as follows
    showdropindicator ticked
    drag ticked
    dragdropmode droponly
    defaultdropaction ignoreaction

    Can anyone advise what I need to set creator widget settings to so I can drop from table view 1 into table view 2 with item at any position. Also so I can move items in tree table 2 up or down the list.


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