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QtCreator-DialogDesigner-WidgetTree Selection Color

  • Hello,
    the hierarchic view for the widgets on the dialog is a very useful feature, but the alternating row color in the grid produces a problem:
    A selected entry (not focused) has (nearly) the same background color than the alternating row color. Therefore its is impossible to see what is selected in the tree when I click in the dialog designer.
    How can I fix it ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    well, when i first started to use Creator
    this drove me nuts as u cannot see
    which is active.

    Best solution is just to use Dark theme as its very, very hard to make a new style
    and only have that color change.

    I tried and had side effects all over Creator.
    feel free to try also
    files are here

  • Hi @mrjj,
    thank you for you answer. Dark theme is a absolute no-go for my "old" eyes.
    I have made a copy of the default theme and changed the color values .
    I had no success. Nothing has an effect.

    Have you any hint, which values I should try ?
    Someting to change the alternating background color for tables or the selection color.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    well I have old eyes too and I dislike dark themes.
    I tried to change ALL colors in the default theme but that selection color did not change!?
    So I took the dark theme and change all colors, which did affect the selection color
    but I overwrote the file by accident so I have no more info what key is for the color.

    But it seem not possible with the "light"/default theme to change it.
    But the dark could. Also the dark seems to use fusion style so I assume it realted to that.

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