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dead keys not firing keyPressEvent

  • I'm working on a telnet client running as a part of a program in Qt. The Telnet server echoes the keys, so my solution was to intercept keypresses with keyPressEvent. So far it works great, except for dead keys, like accented characters á ñ, etc, when no event gets fired, not on any of the two keys.

    I was working with a QScintilla control, but then switched to a simple QTextEdit. It behaves that way both on Linux (mint 17.2) and FreeBSD (10.2). On linux I'm using Qt 4.8, and on FreeBSD, Qt 5.5. On both I'm using Mate as the desktop environment.

    I was looking for getting one event for the key combination (the main issue when using US-International layout is that the double quotes won't get detected, as they are made by pressing " key (a dead key) and then space.

    Read several posts on google, but nothing seems to be the same issue I'm having.


    Note: this morning I had the chance to repeat the test on a Windows box, with a very similar "US international layout". The Qt app correctly receives 1 event for the key combination, vs. none on Linux

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