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Install Qt Charts 2.0

  • Hi I am trying to install Qt Charts 2.0.

    The instructions say "Use the Package Manager in Maintenance Tool or the Online installer to install the Qt Charts module. The module can be found under Qt Enterprise Add-Ons in the package manager."

    I cannot find any package manager. Some people seem to think its part of the Maintance tool, but on my PC its been replaced (occording to diagrams) by "Add or remove components". Selecting that does not give an Enterprice or Add ons section nor any sign of QT Charts. (I've got Tools, Cloud serves and Extras plus Qt5.xes)

    I found a package manager at but it did not seem to work.

    So any ideas about how to install Qt Charts 2.0 on Windows10 installation?

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    AFAIK, this package is not yet available through the Maintenance Tool. You have to get it from source through

  • Thanks, that was a really nice link.

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