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VB6 clone or facsimile based on Qt...

  • I know this application focuses on C++, and that this might not be the correct forum room to bring this up, but have the makers of Qt also considered a Visual Basic 6 (not VB.NET) version of Qt? The Lazarus Project, based on Free Pascal, uses the Qt platform and I LOVE it (though I would like to see the IDE more modernized). Basic for Qt at was a good start for such an application, but apparently the guy who was doing it mysteriously came into a huge wad of money and abandoned the project without explanation (I would suggest trying to by his and starting from there). XeroCoder was also a great start at a VB6 clone, but they were bought out by an undisclosed company and are prohibited from distributing anymore copies of their application. Strange, right? Of course, Microsoft doesn't want any clones of VB6 around unless they are Java-based in order to be compliant with the mobile/tablet format. Microsoft, Apple, Embarcaderro, and other large software companies are trying to drive the software/hardware market to a completely subscription based system where you no longer install a local copy of any software on your device, but instead, have to log into the company's server anytime you want to use the software. Non-Java based programming environments that are mostly for desktop apllications do not fit into this narrative and would be competition. A true VB6 clone (especially one using Qt) would be a HUGE threat to the subscription-based service model because it would be extremely easy to use and become so widespread that commercial and opesource desktop applications would keep pouring out, whereby nobody would bother to switch to the monopolistic and expensive subscription-based services that Microsoft and Apple are driving for. So everytime a non-Java based VB6 clone project gains any ground, the people doing it either get bought up or come into a sudden heap of money, and the project comes to a screaming halt. I'm thinking a Qt based VB6-like cross-platform programming environment would be the BOMB, and that there would be no shortage of users. There are some Java-based VB6 clones, but they all suck because Java just sucks. I'm tired of all this virtual machine bloateware crap. I'm wanting a 32-bit/64-bit, native code producing, cross-platform VB6-like programming environment that uses the Qt platform. Can you even imagine what a goldmine such an app would be.

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