QT on wince6.0 with toradex vybrid module

  • I am developing a Qt application on wince 6.0 with toradex vybrid computer on module(QT4.8.4vs2008).I have used some QFrames for displaying certain menu based on matrix keyboard events.The application is working fine but whenever I set visible a QFrame it takes more time to display.Switching between QFrames takes more time to display I have used QFrame setvisible enable and disable the frames.

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    Without any code that shows how you handle your QFrames, it's pretty much Crystal Ball Debugging.

    What do you mean by more time ? Each time you switch between QFrame it takes a bit longer than previously ?

  • Hi
    Thanks for your reply.For example consider 3 frames Frm1,Frm2,Frm3 if I want to display Frm1 I enable the frame by setvisible true method , for disabling I will make its visibility false .My problem is that whenever I enable a frame It takes more time to display.More time means loading time of the frame.

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    Are they all at the same place ? If so a QStackedWidget or QStackedLayout might be a better idea.

  • All the frame have same dimensions and geometry .Let me have a try with QStackedWidget and let you know.But my basic question how is QFrame enable disable is different from QStackedWidget indexing performance wise.Thank you

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