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i have a windows 10 os, i want to install Qt with visual studio ide please suggest how to go through

  • i have a windows 10 os, i want to install Qt with visual studio ide please suggest how to go through the installation. i tried out but failed. please......

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    What did fail ?

    The usual stuff is:

    • Select a Visual Studio Package from Qt (MSVCXXX)
    • Download matching Visual Studio from Microsoft
    • Download Qt
    • Install Visual Studio
    • Install Qt
    • Enjoy

  • Hi @vinay133

    It's same like what you do with Win7. And its very general question.

    1. Install Visual studio 2012/13.

    2. Install the Qt from online/ offline installers. you can find the link text.

    3. When you both these , download the Qt plugin for VS. Be careful with Qt and VS versions you have installed. Later you can follow here for step by step .

  • @N.Sumi
    i have a windows 10 with 64 bit os. i need qt in visual studio ide. please specify the version of qt,visual sudio and plugin version.
    from two days i have tried installing vs2k12 with qt 5.5.1 and afterwards i have installed plugin. i got some error like not installed properly please renamethe plugin like that. in some blogs they are specifing the vs2015 is compatible for qt 5.5.1 64 bit. and there is no 64 bit plugin/qt 5.5 specified any where.

  • Hi @vinay133

    How can I say what version to install ? . It depends on your project / requirements/interest. And OS 7/8/10 does not matter
    Lets say if you want install Qt5.5.1 in VS 2012. Then, you MUST download this Qt version.

    • Qt 5.5.1 for Windows 32-bit (VS 2012, 747 MB) (info)

    • Qt $version for Windows XX bit(VS 20xx compiler, file size)

    • online installer here

    • offline installer here

    • If you have installed VS2012 compiler , you MUST install "Qt with mvsc2012" only. Install this plugin .

    • Visual Studio Add-in 1.2.4 for Qt5 (156 MB) from here

    • Follow all the steps here from this page to install plugin in VS, it is very clear.

    [edit: fixed list SGaist]

  • If you want to use the Visual Studio add-in for Visual Studio 2015 I recommend using the Qt5Package extension found in the VS Extension Gallery. It's pretty much identicle to the official one and works very well. But if you want to use the pre-built Qt packages, you'll have to use the VS2013 (or older) compiler with the VS2015 IDE. The other choice is to just build Qt with VS2015, which is what I ended up doing.

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