What QICon state is used when QToolButton isDown?

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    I am successfully using multiple QIcon states for various states of QToolButton. However, I cannot see how to use a different state when a button "isDown". I have done web searches and I see this discussed from time to time but have not yet found a direct answer on how to do this.

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    Doesn't the On/Off state do that ?

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    I think this is not supported by default.

    Try the following example:

    #define COLOREDPIX(COLOR) QPixmap COLOR ## Pix(16,16); COLOR ## Pix.fill(Qt:: ## COLOR);
    QIcon icon;
        icon.addPixmap(redPix, QIcon::Normal, QIcon::On);
        icon.addPixmap(yellowPix, QIcon::Disabled, QIcon::On);
        icon.addPixmap(greenPix, QIcon::Active, QIcon::On);
        icon.addPixmap(bluePix, QIcon::Selected, QIcon::On);
        icon.addPixmap(blackPix, QIcon::Normal, QIcon::Off);
        icon.addPixmap(whitePix, QIcon::Disabled, QIcon::Off);
        icon.addPixmap(magentaPix, QIcon::Active, QIcon::Off);
        icon.addPixmap(cyanPix, QIcon::Selected, QIcon::Off);
    QPushButton* button = new QPushButton;
        button->setIcon( icon );

    QIcon::Normal -> unfocused
    QIcon::Disabled -> disabled
    QIcon::Selected -> selected (maybe used in QGraphicsView, i don't know)
    QIcon::Active -> focused

    QIcon::On -> checked
    QIcon::Off -> unchecked

    A possible workaround - when you do not depend on the checked state of the button:

    void MyPushButton::paintEvent(QPaintEvent *)
        QStylePainter p(this);
        QStyleOptionButton option;
        if( m_isPressed )
              option.state |= QStyle::State_On;
        p.drawControl(QStyle::CE_PushButton, option);

    Make sure you set the m_isPressed in the mouseButtonPress event handler to true and to false in the mouseButtonRelease event handler.
    This is also necessary for keyPress/Release for the space key.

  • Thank you both! Raven-worx confirms that while it isn't easy to do, yet it is possible to do!

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