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QToolBar in QT5.5 and QT 4.8.4

  • I have made a mainwindow project and created a QToolBar and changed its background color.Whenever if the mouse hovers it highlights the icons in the toolbar.This is working well in qt5.5 but in qt4.8.4 it is not getting highlighted.The color settings I have made in the style sheet i.e in qtcreator.Any solution is apprecated thanks.

  • @Shiv
    Have you checked if this feature actually exists in 4.8? Easiest would probably be to compare the source files of 5.5 and 4.8.4

  • Thanks for your reply.I am using QT4.8.4 with visual studio 2008 and Qt5.5 with qt5.5 with Qt community open source(minGW).The source code is same and I have created the ui with Qt5.5 and imported into Qt4.8.4. Whether this facility exists in 4.8.4 i really don't no.

  • @Shiv
    Sorry, I was unclear. I mean: Compare the relevant Qt source files between 4.8.4 and 5.5. Is there a mouseHoverEvent even implemented in 4.8.4? If so, does it do the same thing as in 5.5?

    Qt sources are (mostly) quite readable, don't be afraid to use this extra free documentation!

  • Qt5.5 and Qt4.8.4 there is no mouse hover event is implemented , I have just added a style to the toolbar when mouse is hovered and problem got solved.Thanks for you suggestion.

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