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Transforming an app into dialog

  • I'm trying to have the ability to take still images from my app but need more directions to get it to work. The simplest example I was able to find online is

    While I don't need all the video features, I don't mind them being part of the app. All I need is instead of the Camera app being stand alone, I want it to start in a QDialog, as part of my app. If it's complex, how can I integrate it into my app to be displayed in the last page of a stackedwidget?

    I'm kind of used to creating everything in Qt Designer with some basic knowledge of Qt and would appreciate just a list of what is required to get the camera to capture still images in my app.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Its a QMainwindow and uses a QmenuBar
    for some menus so making it QDialog is not
    super easy.

    However, you could just cheat a bit and make it modal with
    and use it as a dialog even if its not.
    There is nothing bad about having 2 mainwindows even if not often used.
    But cant do this in Designer.
    You must new a Camera window yourself.

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