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Qt Creator doesn't stop on breakports (OS X)

  • Hi there

    I'm trying to debug a Qt application in Qt Creator (3.4.2)

    The debugger ignores the breakpoints. I tried to put an breakpoint at the beginning of main. But it is just bypassed. If i pause the debugging the debugger shows me the actual position in code. So the debugger is basically working.

    I even tried the lldb with my application on the command line and that works.

    There are some C files in my application but that should not make a difference.

    OS X: 10.11.3
    Qt: 5.5
    lldb: 340.4.119
    Qt Creator: 3.4.2

    Any hints?


  • It's work now. But I can't recall waht I did to make it work...

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