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QStyleSheet for "flat" property of a QGroupButton ?

  • Hello,

    A QGroupButton has a "flat" property which can be setted to true or false via the designer for example. My question is : Can i set this display property via the qstylesheet of this QGroupButton ?

    Thank you

  • Moderators

    What is a QGroupButton?
    Maybe you meant QButtonGroup, but this isn't a widget. Only widgets get polished by the stylehseet style.
    I guess you mean a QPushButton? In this case do this:

    QPushButton {
    qproperty-flat: true;

    You can style all properties on a widget for which **DESIGNABLE ** (QtProperty) is set to true.

  • Opps, sorry i meant "QGroupBox", but thanks a lot for your answer, that is exactly what i wanted.

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