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Qt and Oculus or Samsung Gear VR

  • Is it possible to develop apps with Qt which can be used with Samsung Gear VR? The development of the app isn't a problem but I can't start the App when my device is connected with the Samsung Gear VR. The app isn't available in the "Oculus mode" - is there any known way to solve that problem?

  • Moderators

    the question is what do you expect to see? A GUI?
    Or do you want to see some stuff you made with Qt3D?

    I don't have any expierence with 3D or even Oculus/VR, but it would be very strange when they wouldn't support OpenGL along with their provided SDK.

  • @raven-worx

    Thanks for your reply. I would like to see a GUI, I can see it already as a "normal" app on my smartphone, but I can't see or start the app in the oculus mode, which will be enabled by default if I insert my phone in the Gear VR...

    I would be glad already if I could start the app in oculus mode. I would like to use OpenGL later. It would be enough, for now, to see an image which I display in my own app...

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