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Target id 'android--1' is not valid

  • I try to create a Qt application for desktop and android platforms. All parameters in Tools->Options->Android are correct. When I try to build my application, I get an error:

    Error: Target id 'android--1' is not valid. Use 'android.bat list targets' to get the target ids.

    But I have several platforms installed (android-10, 15, 19, 23). Also, I have found some info on the same issue, but it have not helped me.

    I use:

    • Windows 7 x64
    • Qt Creator 3.6.0 Based on Qt 5.5.1 (MSVC 2013, 32 bit)
    • Qt 5.5.1

    Has somebody encountered with the same problem?

  • Yes I have. I think the problem (in my case) was in the Manifest, which had a reference to a wrong sdk level. Can't remember if you could edit the relevant value through the UI, but if you open the manifest as a text file, I'm sure you'll notice any funny values there.

  • @mvuori I cannot see anything strange in the manifest file. And what is more, it is refreshed everytime I try to build the project. So to change the manifest file is senseless in my case (: But I have noticed, that there are no platforms at all in the list located at:

    Projects->Android for armeabi-v7a->Build Android APK->Details->Android build SDK

    WTF!? )

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