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ICT10 H2020 project idea for "extracting knowledge from the huge amount of existing open source code" (C/C++)

  • Sorry for a bit-off topic question, but if you are a developer working (within a corporate structure) in Europe on Qt, you might be interested.

    The H2020 ICT10 Euroopean call (deadline april 2016) is described in

    it is a very competitive call but the projects which are selected for funding gets very substantial funding and visibility from the European Commission DG CONNECT.
    That call (deadline april 2016) has a focus on:

    "Algorithms and techniques for extracting knowledge (e.g., specifications, designs or models) from the huge amount of existing open source code; tools using that knowledge in the development of new software"

    I ( am part of a consortium which will submit a proposal for that topic. The current consortium has already 7 members, including on the academic side : Software Competence Center Hagenberg (Austria), Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg (Germany), CEA LIST -with me Basile- (France), Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (Netherlands), Tecnalia (Spain) and two industrial corporations (which are using free software). SCCH is the project leader.

    We are seeking one (single) additional industrial partner interested by the focus on extracting knowledge from the huge amount of existing open source code and developing (or actively contributing to the development of) some free software coded in C, C++, Ada, Fortran, Go or D and compiled by the GCC compiler.

    The aim of our project is to increase productivity and the quality of the results of software development,
    software maintenance and software modernization processes by extracting information and
    knowledge from legacy source code and integrating extracted knowledge with SE activities. Source
    code of existing open source software as well as of proprietary software within a company is treated
    as knowledge base, which will be made accessible to humans through recovery, transformation and
    representation that can be used both by software developers as well as high-level tools.

    If you are an industrial (big corporation, medium one, or SME with more than a dozen of employees) interested in participating to that project,
    actively developing some free software in C, C++, Fortran (etc...) using the GCC compiler, please send me (Basile) an abstract of one or two paragraphs describing your company, what free software project are you developing (compiled with GCC), and what use-case will you bring to the project, and what are your specific interests regarding extracting knowledge from open source code...

    Notice that we already have industrial members using free software, but we are interested in having an industrial partner developing free software in C or C++ or Fortran (etc...) and bringing an additional use case for our project. We are preferably seeking a quite big free software project (e.g. at least half a million lines of C or C++ or Fortran source code, and preferably more), complex enough to justify advanced software engineering tools (which will be free software)

    We don't need an industrial partner simply using free software (we have them already) but we want an additional industrial partner developing free software in C or C++ or Fortran (etc...)

    I (Basile) will collect answers and transmit them to the SCCH project leader.

    I'm pretty sure that the Qt free software project should be interested by such a thing (it is probably one of the free software project most fit for such advanced software engineering tools). So I seek a company (in Europe, or Israel, or Switzerland, or Turkey, or some other H2020 compatible country) contributing to development of Qt source code (in C++) willing to participate in such an H2020 consortium (and able to spend time on contributing to writing the project submission for April 2016)


    Dr Basile Starynkevitch - research engineer at CEA, LIST, DILS
    CEA LIST Nano-Innov b862 PC 174 - 91191 GIF/YVETTE CEDEX, France
    mobile: +33 [0]6 8501 2359; office: +33 [0]1 6908 6595

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    So you are looking for a someone like KDAB ? The Qt Company ? Or a project like KDE ?

  • Yes, I am looking for some European partner; it needs to be eligible for E.C. fundings, practically meaning some "big" SME (with at least 10 employees), or a larger corporation with workers in Europe, or perhaps non-profit association, and willing to join a consortium, that is, able to spend some time in contributing to write a proposal for that ICT10 call. I'm not looking for individuals but for economic entities (corporation, big or small).

    Qt Company or KDAB will be very good. But KDE does not seems to have some legal existence in Europe (but I might be wrong).

  • FYI: KDE is primarily represented by KDE e.V. which has its headquaters in Germany. For contact information please see

    Another interesting partner might be Blue Systems (also located in Germany).

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