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Qprocess not converting QStringList correctly if it has non-english arguments. (Windows)

  • I am passing folder path as an argument to QProcess . If folder path has non-english character

    e.g. - C:\Users\jayavasa\Desktop\こんにちは\こんにちは.html

    But The process is not getting it correctly.
    The process is getting the argument as - C:\Users\jayavasa\Desktop?????\?????.html

    I verified the argList by
    argList[10].toStdString(); // Prints C:\Users\jayavasa\Desktop\こんにちは\こんにちは.html
    before calling qprocess->start(process,argList);

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Can you show the code you use to call QProcess ?

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