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Diectory or not among the files of a project

  • I am a beginner. I try projects with the aid of "Application Development with Qt Creator (second edition)". I also uploaded the files of the projects contained in the book. I am surprised that files contain Directories among them. Is it normal ?
    Of course Qt Creator does not behave the same manner with the existence or not of directories among the files.
    Thank you very much for your answer.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Its not really clear what the folders are.
    In a project, u will often have the file and serveal yyy.cpp and yyy.h

    Its also ok to have sub folder and maybe keep images in there.

  • @mrjj Hi mrjj. Thank you for your reply. After some trials, 12 errors without using folders, 1 error using folders. For me, using folders, becomes more difficult. What files shall I put in a folder ??
    THe onlly one error I have now is:
    :-1: erreur : No rule to make target ../QtQuickCalculator/qtquick2applicationviewer.h', needed bymain.o'. Stop.
    Nevertheless I think the problem is solved. Folders are useful.
    I think it is you the person to tell the forum the "problem is solved". Thanks

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