Starting a service on computer startup

  • Hii,
    In my application I am writing a code that starts a particular service "for eg:- say MySql." on computer startup....Can any 1 tel me how can i do this and using which Qt class, its possible..
    please help..

  • Why do you want to do this from your application? Why not just use the platform facilities for doing this platform-specific task? For example on Gentoo I would just do:

    rc-update add mysql default

    Other distros have equivalents. On Windows you can use the service manager to start the service automatically.

  • And on the Mac you have LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons.

    It is almost completely out of scope of Qt, there is no means of installing such a service with an application, that would be more a matter of an installer package, IMHO.

  • I just want to add a checkbox in my application,such that on checking that checkbox the particular service should be started on windows startup and on unchecking the checkbox, the service should not start on windows startup....please help..

  • You will have to use native Windows API for this. I'd suggest you ask in a respective forum, it's more likely you find someone with that knowledge over there.

    Oh: And do not forget do do a web search before - use your favorite search engine for that task. You know already what keywords to feed in...

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