Baasbox integration, now than Enginio gets deprecated

  • i have made a small program integrating Qt with baasbox long ago.
    i was planning to make an app with that... but laking of time, i am thinking in contribute it... may be interest about this?

    basically serializes QObjects properties to JSON and stores it on a baasbox client... it also have support for android google login and messages...
    it is also integrated with QML. You can make queries on a custom object than builds models containing the data. Can also upload and download files to baasbox.

    my problem is that i even lack time to clean the code, and make a plugin of this...

    if there is enough interest and someone than would help. i may consider spend some more hours and make the repository public.

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    Sounds like a good idea. Did you talk with the Baasbox guys to see if they would be interested by it ?

  • i did, but no answer.

    it is actually working, but it is not isolated on a plugin, it shouldnt be much work for that

    if i see interest, like some other would help to transform it into an usable plugin, i will share the bitbucket repository.
    to transform it to a plugin is not a big thing, the big thing is to maintain it updated with baasbox api, that changes with each version (as they add new things).

  • @bnogal This sounds promising - actually I would be indeed interested in a public repos !
    Being a former user of, I am currently in the process of evaluating MBaaS. So far, only read a bit some documentation about AWS and Google clouds solutions, and I started evaluating Firebase which seems quite Ok.
    I didn't know about BaasBox at all but it seems to be a very interesting option (furthermore it is including if I am correct push notification support out of box - which firebase don't).

  • well, by my experience, baasbox isnt still ready for big projects. It is suppose it will include scaling abilities, they are working on that...

    on the other hand, my project lacking of formal tests, that is another point to work in.

    so it will be a while until it is really usable on production.

    But if unless u will try it. I will spend some hours this weekend and next week. So maybe next weekend i make it public.

  • @bnogal Would you be open for working together on an open plugin to could support multiple backends (MBaaS and FireBase as a start) ?

  • A plugin for multiple backends is a great idea, I'm also open for working on it. If the @bnogal project (or parts of it) can be decoupled from Baasbox, it could be a good starting point.

    I'm also a Qt CS user (Enginio + MWS), and evaluating other backends. The best contender I've found so far is IBM Cloudant.

  • @gadlim Cloudant looks actually very great...
    I agree Firebase REST API is poor - but this is less of a problem if the Firebase plugin use native when available and fall back to REST otherwise. What I would like to design is a generic MBaas that could support several backend services but using a common api (MBaas, Cloudant, Firebase...). I am currently at the "discovery" stage (trying to figure out what are the main mbaas providers and what they proposed), but I am planning to start drafting the plugin and create the repository next week. I have started this topic so that we can share knowledge about Baas and give feedback.

  • @Charby, OK, I'll move my opinions about backends to that other thread then.

  • wowo, i didnt expect this!

    well, my code was programmed with the aim of develop an app for android.
    so it is completly dependend of BaasBox.
    but i suppose lot of things can be reused, after all, in the end it is a REST API

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