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Where Should I Get Files Qt5WebKitWidgetsConfig.cmake qt5webkitwidgets-config.cmake from?

  • The cmake files Qt5WebKitWidgetsConfig.cmake
    qt5webkitwidgets-config.cmake do not appear to be built in my qt build. I am not sure if this means my qtwebkit is not building? Or does this mean these were supposed to preexist and I do not have these files? And if they are supposed to be built, and my qtwebkit is not building, I have installed icu, angle, ruby, python, perl, bison, flex, and gperf with the path, lib, and include env variables containing paths to these locations. What Am I omitting in my prerequisites in order to insure these build?

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    These files are generated as part of the build process.

    What parameters are you using when calling configure ?

  • Yes; I had phrased the question this way not knowing if it would spur any other thought but it is my expectation that the build is supposed to do for WebKit what it does for all the other components.

    Here is my configure:
    ..\Qt-5.5.1\configure -release -nomake tests -nomake examples -skip qtdeclarative -skip qtquickcontrols -skip qtwebchannel -skip qt3D -skip qtsensors -skip qtserialport -skip qtwayland -skip qtandroidextras -icu

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    Did you download Qt's sources ? Do you have all the recommended tools installed on your Windows machine ?

  • I think so; I am working from the instructions indicated at Specifically, I have installed:
    • ICU from
    • Visual Studio with Windows SDK that is seen by Visual Studio (ensuring that the SDK matches that of Angle's Visual Studio Properties).
    • Angle
    • Active Perl
    • Ruby
    • GPerf
    • Bison, Flex

    I have tried hard to get the LIB, INCLUDE, and PATH variables all set properly as well.

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    After your build ended, do you have the QtWebKit dlls/lib files ?

  • If I am right to assume they would be populated under the qtwebkit folder, then no. I have a Tools folder, .qmake.cache, changelog, config, ibjom, jom, and makefile.

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    The dlls are in the bin folder and the .lib files should be in the lib folder.

  • @SGaist These folders exist under qtbase but not under qtwebkit.

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    That's normal, all built dlls go into qtbase/bin and libraries in qtbase/lib as well as cmake files going into qtbase/lib/cmake

  • @SGaist The only files with "Web" in the names under qtbase is Qt5WebSockets, no WebKit.

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    Then it clearly didn't build.

    You can go in the qtwebkit folder and call qmake/nmake in there to see what exactly is happening. You might be missing a module in order to build QtWebKit (QtSensors comes to mind)

  • @SGaist I just tried nmake in the qtwebkit folder, but it returns after a brief intro message and no errors. I also tried qmak (running it by ..\qtbase\bin\qmake) , and it seems to need more arguments, as it printed out what looks like a man page. But reading the output, it looks like it should default to "makefile". Not knowing about tis, but I would also say, there is already a Makefile there, with a timestamp from the time of the overall Qt build. If nmake is supposed to use the Makefile, I would expect it to run longer or print out more information, but it doesn't (as I just wrote).

  • @buckler also python is installed as well.

  • @SGaist Thank you for your help, and the config log is descriptive. I will begin with those errors as well. I appreciate all of the insight regarding the qtwebkit build.

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