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Not able to read data from QSerialPort

  • When I write any data to the Serial Port character wise, I'm getting the expected response from my hardware. But when I send strings, I'm not able to read. I initialized my data using QByteArray but when I use QString, I'm not able to get the expected response. The code is same as Terminal Program for Qt 5.5. I'm coding in C++ on Windows platform.

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    Hi and welcome
    <<But when I send strings, I'm not able to read.
    How not able to read?
    Do yo u get nothing or only some?

    If you data contains zero, it wont work with QStrings as it will be broken up.

    Have you tried
    QString string("I LOVE HARDWARE");
    QByteArray array (string.toStdString().c_str());

  • Thanks for the tip. 'c_str' did the trick. Did not know about this.

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